New champion has shown in which direction will go European basketball

The curtains were drawn on another edition of  the Euroleague, final tournament has once again fulfilled the expectations of basketball fans, Royal Club is deservedly on the throne after fasting for twenty long years. During whole season they have played beautiful basketball, all of the matches that they had to win they have played at the highest level and this is their season.

In all probability there will be the reconstruction of the team, Lull and Chacho Rodriguez have announced that they will leave the team, so that they will not be easy to stay on the top.

Fenerbahce is the most pleasant surprise of the season and the general opinion is that they can a lot in the next season in Berlin if they qualify, because for the Turks everything that plays in Germany is the home court. CSKA doesn’t have problems with the quality, but I’m afraid that there is no coach in Europe who with certainty can provide them a trophy. They are very impatient, they want everything immediately and don’t tolerate failure, and everything but the trophy is a failure for a club from Moscow. On the European market they have no real competitors in terms of finances; players and coaching staff have available the club’s private plane for all European away games, but despite the enormous financial power they remain a team with a aureole of losers. No one knows what will happen with Itoudis after this, but it’s most likely that will be some scapegoats, and there are stories that the club president will enlist a team’s psychologist.

Greek clubs are specific, in whatever form they are and as much as it seems that they are without chances, they are great competitors and always lurk from the second plan.

New European champion has shown in which direction will go the European basketball, where is clearly knows the tasks of all players on the team. They are playing fast basketball and the emphasis is on the fast flow of the ball. Always looking for the best position for a player, not the best player without position. This is the reason why the best players were those players from the second plan, such as K.C. Rivers, Jaycee Carroll and Andres Nocioni. Last one was „the X factor“ on both matches and deservedly won the individual awards MVP of the final four tournament.

This was a nice and content season, but I’m afraid that some important European players will go to the NBA league and the quality will continue to decline, however, there’s time for that story.


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