Russell Westbrook: The man-team

Amazing Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook continued to provide outstanding games and on the match against the Houston Rockets recorded a new triple-double of the season, which once again proved that he is a man-team. In the triumph of Thunder (111:107) he participated with 21 points, 15 assists and 13 rebounds for his 15th triple-double, which classified him with the biggest names of the NBA basketball. In fact, the last time in the strongest league in the world happened to the player achieved at least 15 triple-doubles happened in 1989, when Earvin “Magic” Johnson 17 times had three double-digit columns, while the same season Michael Jordan managed that the two times less.

Russell Westbrook has in this month recorded 6th triple-double and 34th of his career, and for now only the legendary Michael Jordan had a better effect over one month, when during April 1989 as much as 7 times recorded triple-double. In addition, statistically speaking, the Oklahoma City Thunder triumphed all 15 times when Westbrook recorded triple-double performance. The biggest star of the franchise from Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant, particularly emphasized the rebounding abilities of his teammate, considering that when Westbrook and in this way helps the team, it is almost impossible to lose.

Perhaps the only flaws in the game of Russell Westbrook are sometimes unreasonable shots for three points, especially in the situations when he is not in the zone, because that is not his strongest weapon in the offense. Still, Oklahoma City Thunder this season has a very strong team that at times looks unbeatable on the court. Behind the undisputed Golden State Warriors, then always unpleasant San Antonio Spurs, it is the Oklahoma City Thunder that is one of the major competitors in the West. While Russell Westbrook extraordinary controls the rhythm of the match and change tempo in the game of Thunder, it seems that the club from Oklahoma missing one pure shooting guard, that could score points when tandem Westbrook-Durant has a problem in the offense.

One of the best point guards in the NBA currently playing the most mature in his professional career, and the culmination would certainly represented the championship ring. But, as has already been said, it seems that Russell Westbrook for some time will have to wait to crown his incredible games. Certainly consolation prize could arrive in the form of MVP award, but neither here Westbrook does not have many reasons for optimism, given that Steph Curry continues to break records. But what nobody can take away from him is the fact that he is one of the most complete players of today.


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