Eurocup Finals – Battle for the trophy and a place in the Euroleague

On Friday, 22 April will be played the first final match of the Eurocup between the French Strasbourg IG and Turkish Galatasaray, and this will be a battle for both the trophy in the second tier competition in Europe, as well as for a place in the Euroleague for the season 2016/17. The first match will be played in France, while the second meeting is scheduled on April 27 in Turkey, and today we will present both clubs, as well as their road to the finals of the competition.

French Strasbourg IG is a club with a long tradition, which from the bench is headed by an experienced coach and national coach of France, Vincent Collet, and the place in the finals have fought after in the semi-finals eliminated the biggest surprise this season, the Italian Trento. One of the players in which the coach Collet has great confidence is an American point forward Mardy Collins, who found himself in this season’s All-Eurocup First Team. Strasbourg IG is a very experienced team, that knows how to play on the result, and their place in the final is not a big surprise this season, and should bear in mind that Strasbourg in the first part of the season played Euroleague and that the team is assembled in line with that. On the road to the finals, Strasbourg firstly was better than the German Oldenburg, and then in a thrilling quarter-final duel eliminated the unpleasant Russian Nizhny Novgorod. Disadvantages of French representatives in relation to Galatasaray may be less fond of players in the paint, but the fans certainly looking forward to the return of forward Kyle Weems, who in the meantime recovered from injury.

Galatasaray is one of the clubs that is constantly near the top of the European basketball, but they always lacked something for big result, and now they got a chance to win a European trophy, but also to return to the Euroleague. The team from the bench is led by Turkish national team head coach, Ergin Ataman, who was at Galatasaray since 2012. Turkish club to the finals came after they firstly eliminated two teams that were in the first part of the season competing in the Euroleague – Pinar Karsiyaka and Bayern, while in the semi-final duels with Gran Canaria was seen great drama, and Galatasaray in overtime thanks to a better score-difference in two matches managed to eliminate a high-quality Spanish team. Management of the club over the previous summer has allocated substantial funds for the playing squad, and the team during the season supplemented. Even two players of Galatasaray found themselves in an All-Eurocup First Team, the point guard Errick McCollum and swingman Vladimir Micov, while the center Stephane Lasme found in All-Eurocup Second Team, which speaks about this season’s games of the mentioned players. Besides them, in the second part of the season, the club strengthened and point guard Curtis Jerrells, who arrived from UNICS. His role is to relieve McCollum in the offense, who is primarily brilliant scorer and Strasbourg IG players will have a very difficult task to stop these players. Potential problem for Galatasaray can pose an injury of the power forward Caleb Green, whom should replace Charles Davis. Galatasaray possesses greater depth than Strasbourg IG, and is a slight favorite before this duels, but they will have to demonstrate on the court.


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