Euroleague – Final match preview

This season’s Euroleague ends on Sunday, May 15, when the teams of CSKA and Fenerbahce decide the new champion of Europe, and in the hereafter follows the final match preview, which is scheduled for 20 hours. Match for third place in this year’s Final Four tournament between Lokomotiv Kuban and Laboral Kutxa will be played on the same day at 17 hours.

In the Euroleague final without any doubt will find two teams that have shown the most throughout the season. In the final will meet old acquaintances, teacher and student, Zeljko Obradovic, who in his career won the Euroleague trophy as much as 8 times and his former assistant from the era of Panathinaikos, Dimitrios Itoudis. CSKA reached the final relatively easy, controlled the entire course of the semi-final match against Lokomotiv Kuban, and Nando De Colo demonstrated which is why MVP of the regular part of the competition and the best scorer of the Euroleague. Although the final result does not reflect the real balance of power on the court, CSKA during the entire encounter knew what they want and most importantly, the players knew how to implement it. On the other hand was seen real drama in the second semi-final duel, and the general impression is that the Laboral Kutxa dropped the victory in the finish of the regular part, when Kostas Sloukas brought the tie to his team and another 5 minutes to correct the errors. Then came on the scene masterful Bogdan Bogdanovic, who 9 of his 18 points scored in overtime. It was obvious that the players of Fenerbahce played under a lot of pressure loaded by burden of favorites, and big problems to the frontcourt made Ioannis Bourousis, which opened space to other players of Laboral Kutxa.

Fenerbahce achieved a historic success and advanced to the final of the elite competition, and it seems that some players of the Turkish team played the semi-final match with a lot of reserves, and it is expected to provide the best in the final. Unlike Laboral Kutxa, CSKA at this tournament did not come as an underdog and is difficult to repeat another bad day of some players of Fenerbahce. Also, CSKA does not have such a quality and versatile center as is Bourousis, and the team of Fenerbahce play probably the best defense against the pick and roll, so that inside game of the Moscow team could be completely cut off. The chance of CSKA is lying in the games of Russian players, notably Andrey Vorontsevich and Vitaly Fridzon, including Nikita Kurbanov and recently recovered Viktor Khryapa. In the final, a lot is expected from one of European best point guards, Milos Teodosic, who also played a lot inferior semi-final match. On the other hand, Luigi Datome should realize the advantage on the forward position, primarily because of the difference in strength compared to his guards.

In the final, especially when it comes to teams of this quality, it is very difficult to predict the eventual winner. Both teams have certain advantages, but also disadvantages, that opponent can exploit, but is expected that inspiration of the individual bring crucial prevail. Great matches produce great players, and it is certain that some of the participants in this match we will watch for the last time in European basketball, whose quality from year to year decline. However, the players who will be on Sunday night found on the court guarantee a spectacle.


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