NFL – AFC players to breakout this season (Part 1)

Every NFL season there are players that come from background and make a big difference on the field. What follows now is the presentation of those who can make a breakout in the AFC.

AFC East

For many years, AFC East has only one ruler, but now New England Patriots are facing big problems. In addition Tom Brady’s suspension, top two wide receivers, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola is going to starting the season on the PUP list. This is bad news for the Pats, but they can get a new hero. Chris Hogan could use the fact that he will be high on the depth chart and make a big step forward in his career. Hogan, who is always open, came from Buffalo Bills this season.

New York Jets are the most likely candidates to overthrow the Patriots from the throne. Ryan Fitzpatrick is back, and the addition of Matt Forte should help offense to be lethal. However, the Jets were never about offense, so the player who could make a big difference from the background is Leonard Williams. Defensive end did not have a great rookie season, but this year he could explode in a very dynamic Green Gang defense.

Miami Dolphins has two young wide receivers and they are counting on them to bring them back on the glory road. Jarvis Landry drew attention to himself last season. In preparation for the game against Dolphins teams will have to find a way to stop Landry. This will leave a lot of space on for other receivers. DeVante Parker could use this space and become a true star. Parker has the talent, but he must be constant in his game.

Buffalo Bills are hoping that he defense will lead them to of the playoffs. However, a fantastic defensive line is not sufficient. Bills are hoping that Ronald Darby will have a fantastic season. One of the young defensive backs play decent last season and now he should be a difference maker playing beside Stephane Gilmore.

AFC South

AFC South is the division that can bring many surprises. Last season, Houston Texans have won the South and reach the playoffs. It will not be easy for Texans to repeat the success from the last season. To reach the new divisional titles, Jadeveon Clowney will have to play at a very high level. Talented linebacker is finally healthy and ready to play. Clowney could use that will focus on the opponent’s offensive line will be to stop JJ Watt and make a real boom this season.

Indianapolis Colts want to return to the top. In order to do that Colts offense will have to play much better than last season, when the only real threat to the opponents was TY Hilton. Donte Moncrief is entering his third NFL season and he could be another big treat for the opposing defenses. This wide receiver is very talented, and the departure of Coby Fleener and Andre Johnson opens space for Moncrief to have the best season of his young career.

Tennessee Titans got the young leader in Markus Mariota. However, talented quarterback cannot do all by himself. It is expected that DeMarco Murray will a key figure in the running game, in the air Dorial Green-Beckham should be the man. Green-Beckham gave us preview of his talent last season, but as many young players, he plays with a lot of oscillations. This season, Mariota and Green-Beckham could become the most dynamic duo in the league.

Jacksonville Jaguars are working a lot to become relevant in the league. Franchise from Florida has made some very good moves this preseason. Jaguars are a combination of youth and experience, and that last year that led to Alan Hurns and Alan Robinson breakout. Now, it is on TJ Yeldon to become a star. It will not be easy for young running back to get a carries, especially near the end zone with Chris Ivory on the roster. Good news for TJ Yeldon is that he is much better at catching balls from backfield. Hurns, Robinson and Thomas should spread the opponent, which will make big space for Yeldon who can become the most pleasant surprise of the season.


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