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Changes of technical rules in the NBA league

“Hack-A-Shaq” banned from next season 

In the upcoming season will come on the scene changes of technical rules in the NBA league. The most significant change that will occur is related to the so-called “Hack-A-Shaq” strategy, when the team that falls behind intentionally fouls opponent players who performed poorly free throws. The league decided that the said strategy, which is named after the legendary Shaquille O’Neal will not be able to be used, at least not when it matters most.

Namely, according to the new rule, in the last two minutes of each quarter, every foul on a player without the ball will be characterized as a technical foul, which will be sanctioned with one free throw and ball possession for the team whose player was fouled. This decision aims to reduce obstruction of game, but also acceleration, because uncertain finals by rule last too long, and with this kind of strategy, from now on outlawed, some teams have usually tried to stop the opponent’s dominant centers, which mostly perform free throw in poor percentages. Even though this strategy will not completely eliminate, there is a significant step towards the protection of players who have problems from the free throw line.

Following these changes proclaimed and Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner and one of the initiators of this campaign, who said that this decision is not perfect but the league is trying to find the ideal solution for this increasingly common problem.

However, there were those who criticized the introduction of the new rule, like Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Kobe Bryant, who has sharply criticized the changes, saying that players who are earning millions of dollars must learn to hit free throws.

As of next season will come into force yet another rule concerning flagrant foul. The flagrant foul rules will be used to protect against any dangerous or excessively hard deliberate fouls. In particular, it will presumptively be considered a flagrant foul if a player jumps on an opponent’s back to commit a deliberate foul. Previously, these type of fouls were subject to being called flagrant but were not automatic.

Basketball continues to evolve, as the style of play, and in terms of the rules. From introducing the so-called “Mikan rule”, over the shot clock, to the introduction of the three-point line, basketball is in constant development. Many teams, but players will have to get used to the new basketball rules, which may soon be adopted also by FIBA.


Russell Westbrook: The man-team

Amazing Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook continued to provide outstanding games and on the match against the Houston Rockets recorded a new triple-double of the season, which once again proved that he is a man-team. In the triumph of Thunder (111:107) he participated with 21 points, 15 assists and 13 rebounds for his 15th triple-double, which classified him with the biggest names of the NBA basketball. In fact, the last time in the strongest league in the world happened to the player achieved at least 15 triple-doubles happened in 1989, when Earvin “Magic” Johnson 17 times had three double-digit columns, while the same season Michael Jordan managed that the two times less.

Russell Westbrook has in this month recorded 6th triple-double and 34th of his career, and for now only the legendary Michael Jordan had a better effect over one month, when during April 1989 as much as 7 times recorded triple-double. In addition, statistically speaking, the Oklahoma City Thunder triumphed all 15 times when Westbrook recorded triple-double performance. The biggest star of the franchise from Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant, particularly emphasized the rebounding abilities of his teammate, considering that when Westbrook and in this way helps the team, it is almost impossible to lose.

Perhaps the only flaws in the game of Russell Westbrook are sometimes unreasonable shots for three points, especially in the situations when he is not in the zone, because that is not his strongest weapon in the offense. Still, Oklahoma City Thunder this season has a very strong team that at times looks unbeatable on the court. Behind the undisputed Golden State Warriors, then always unpleasant San Antonio Spurs, it is the Oklahoma City Thunder that is one of the major competitors in the West. While Russell Westbrook extraordinary controls the rhythm of the match and change tempo in the game of Thunder, it seems that the club from Oklahoma missing one pure shooting guard, that could score points when tandem Westbrook-Durant has a problem in the offense.

One of the best point guards in the NBA currently playing the most mature in his professional career, and the culmination would certainly represented the championship ring. But, as has already been said, it seems that Russell Westbrook for some time will have to wait to crown his incredible games. Certainly consolation prize could arrive in the form of MVP award, but neither here Westbrook does not have many reasons for optimism, given that Steph Curry continues to break records. But what nobody can take away from him is the fact that he is one of the most complete players of today.

Conflict between FIBA and ABA still without a solution

Although we have entered into the month of June, conflict between FIBA and ABA league is still without a solution in sight. This Gordian knot, which have been implicated FIBA, ABA league and the clubs that are competing, then the ULEB, Euroleague, the company „Sidro“, as well as the national federations from the former Yugoslav space, conflicting parties are tying to unravel since April.
It all started in the beginning of March, when the news detonated like a bomb – FIBA does not recognize the ABA league, a full member of the ULEB, in whose hands is the organization of all European club competitions. FIBA have announced serious sanctions and the most drastic among them is the suspension of the national teams from the championships which are under the auspices of FIBA.
In the background of this conflict is FIBA’s desire to restore the Euroleague under their wing, which is controlled by ULEB since 2000. The weakest link of ULEB is certainly the ABA league and it is logical that it is the first to be affected. As the main reason they stated disagreement with a general rules of the contest statute and an ordinance of the Federation. The decision of FIBA has also influenced the status of the referees, because the referees are under auspices of FIBA.One of the most important items is the ownership structure of the league. Also, FIBA insists that the clubs qualifying for the Euroleague trough the national leagues, not like last couple of seasons – over a private ABA league.There are many unpleasant questions that have been asked to the league owners, who recently clashed with each other, which is just one in a row of absurdity. No one with certainty can not answer whether it is Roman Lisac general manager of ABA Sidro or the ABA league, or Josip Bilic is the director for the competition of ABA league or ABA Sidro and which presides Radovan Lorbek – whether ABA, ABA league or ABA Sidro?
The solution to this conflict is reflected in the fact that clubs take control and ownership structure of the league, according to the agreement reached in Belgrade clubs would have inherited 80% of the ownership. However, management has recently tried to lay hands on 33.33% of votes, or 13.33% more than what they have.
Beside this,  many of the rules which in the past posed the ABA league, were never respected. In order to take over places in the Euroleague from the national leagues (Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian) heads of ABA league in 2008 after the Euroleague Assembly in Turin, promised that Serbia will get one A license.According to then applicable scoring system, Partizan was supposed to gain A license. However, since then, Partizan had to fight every season for a place in the Euroleague. Partizan was discredited by the ABA league last year also, when they won their place in the Euroleague qualifications, but they didn’t found their place in a draw. The invitation has received Levski, although they have never participated in the ABA league until this season! Couple years ago, the Bosnian representative Igokea suffered, when the league changed their own rules during the competition.
The fact is that clubs from former Yugoslav space are in need for regional league for the sake of the quality, which is significantly higher compared to the weak domestic competitions. The fact remains that the fundamental changes are necessary in order that league survives. Time is running shorthand solution is still not in sight.