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NFL – NFC players to breakout this season (Part 2)

NFL guarantees a lot of excitement this season and here are the players who will breakout on the big stage in the NFC. Now follows the second part of the presentation.

NFC North

NFC North has remained without a few big players, but that is an ideal opportunity for the new NFL stars.

Chicago Bears are one of the biggest franchises in the league. However, for years they fail to make good results. This season they lost Matt Forte, who was very important in the offense, so Jay Cutler will have to rely on his receivers more. This is a chance for Kevin White to make a big boom. Young wide receiver had missed all last season because of injury. They have huge expectation for him in the Windy City and they believe that White will lead them to the playoffs. That is a huge load for a player who has not stepped on the NFL field yet, but he has the talent to be the one for the Bears.

Detroit Lions must learn to live without Kevin Johnson. Megatron decided to put an end to his NFL career, so the Lions will have to find another leader. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Eric Eborn. Detroit puts a lot of hopes in this tight end, a man who so far has not shown he can play at a high level. Eborn should be especially useful near the end zone, where he is expected to use his height and strength to beat the opponent.

Green Bay Packers are favorites to win this division, and many see them in the Super Bowl this year. For that to happen, the defense will have to play at a very high level. Letroy Guion is 29-year-old nose tackle, who only now has the chance to jump into the first plan. BJ Raji left the team so that they will start in the center of the defensive line. Much will depend on him, as he has to put constant pressure on the opposing offensive line. Letroy will be able to take advantage and become irreplaceable in this legendary franchise.

Minnesota Vikings last season won the NFC North, and this year want to repeat that success. Since the Brett Favre left the Vikings, they are looking for a starting quarterback. After several failures they were able to find a player who is supposed to represent the future of the team. Teddy Bridgewater has demonstrated that they can count on, however, the young quarterback is still in the background. Adrian Peterson is still the first star for the Minnesota Vikings, but that could change this season. Teddy surrounded by the solid offensive line and has some reliable receivers, so he has all the prerequisites to make a step in the right direction.

NFC West

NFC West is the division in which play some of the best defenses in the league, but this season the emphasis is on the offense.

Arizona Cardinals are among the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The solid defense and an offense led by seasoned veterans Palmer and Fitzgerald are the main advantages of this franchise. However, much is expected from David Johnson, a young running back. Johnson demonstrated on several occasions last season his talents, and now is expected to be the starting running back, and the player who will often have the ball in his hands.

Los Angeles Rams are hoping to change of the city will have a positive impact on the fate of the franchise. For years already, Rams have one of the best defenses in the league, but the offense has not been up to the task. For few years now, we are hearing that Tavon Austin is the guy for the Rams and a player that will have the huge role in the offense. Unfortunately, talented wide receiver cannot manage to be constant. Last season, Austin played some good games, but that was not enough. Due to his quality and versatility Austin should get a lot of balls this season, and it is up to him to use that.

San Francisco 49ers are undergoing major changes. The franchise which a few years ago was at the top of the NFC collapsed. Chip Kelly has given the task to put together broken pieces and for that he needs a reliable quarterback. He could find one in Blaine Gabbert, a player who was not so good in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Last year he played some good games, and now Blaine hopes that he has shown enough to beat Colin Kaepernick and take over job of a starting quarterback.

Seattle Seahawks need to think about life after Marshawn Lynch. Seahawks will remain run first team, and that means Thomas Rawls will get the ball almost as often as Lynch did. He is currently on the PUP list, but is expected to quickly return to the team and took the starting job. Much will depend on Thomas Rawls. Offensive line is not good at protecting its quarterback, so Rawls will often get the ball to make Russell Wilson’s job easier.


NFL – NFC players to breakout this season (Part 1)

The first game of the new NFL season is little more than a month away and it is time to present players that can breakout in the NFC this season.

NFC East

Last season, the NFC East has brought a lot of excitement. On the eve of the new season all franchises made some pretty big changes. Big stars came in to the division and some teams give up a lot to draft new starts, but maybe some of those who were already on the roster can make a real boom this season.

Dallas Cowboys have big problems with the suspension of players, especially in defense. Front 7 is very thin, so many young players will get a chance to prove themselves at the beginning of the season. However, a player who could take a team from another plan plays in the secondary. Morris Claiborne must make a step in the right direction this season. Cowboys’ cornerback has not shown much during his NFL career. Coaches are very satisfied with what they see from Claiborne in training camp, but he must take that to the field when the season starts.

New York Giants invested in this season a lot of money to strengthen the defense, while the offense will rely on Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. However, in the offense we could find player to breakout this season. Giants could appear a player who will jump out of the season. Running back, Andre Williams could be the new star of the football Giants. Williams is a very powerful running back who is not afraid of contact. He took step back after a solid rookie season, but now he will have the opportunity to be the force on the ground for the Giants.

Philadelphia Eagles start from the beginning. New head coach came to the City of Brotherly Love and he drafted the quarterback in the first round, which led to discontent in the team. However, things are calming down as the season approaches. Sam Bradford will be the starting quarterback and that is good news for Nelson Agholor. Young wide receiver arrived in the NFL last season and many had expected great things from him. However, he was disappointed, because in 13 games he caught only one touchdown. Agholor will in his second season try to play at the highest level and be the guy for the Eagles.

Washington Redskins won the NFC East last season and in order to repeat that this season offense will have to play at a high level. Redskins expect much from Matt Jones, a talented running back, who last season showed only part of his talent. This season he will be a starter at the running back position and the player who will often have the ball in his hands. This is an ideal opportunity for Matt to explode this season.

NFC South

NFC South last season went easily to the Carolina Panthers, but this season could be different.

Atlanta Falcons seek their own pace and winning combination that will bring them back in to the playoffs. They also made some changes this season, but the biggest is departure of veteran Roddy White. Mohamed Sanu came to take his place. Former Cincinnati Bengal is very talented and can be used in several positions. Julio Jones is the first star on the team and he will be in focus of the opposing defenses, and Mohammed Sanu will have to use the space and bring important points to the franchise from Georgia.

Carolina Panthers have a very talented team from which is expected to reach Super Bowl again. It will not be easy, especially after losing Josh Norman. The departure of cornerback puts pressure on defense. Panthers will have won a battle in the trenches, and there Kony Ealy could be the X factor. Defensive end proved last season that the team can seriously count on him, and that 2016 will be his season. Panthers suffered defeated the Super Bowl, and the only bright spot was exactly Ealy. Kony will have much larger role when the new season starts.

New Orleans Saints are looking for a player that could replace Jimmy Graham and now they might find him. Coby Fleener played for the Indianapolis Colts, but did not leave a mark there. Now, Fleener comes to the team where tight end one of the most important players in offense. If there is a not lot of oscillations in his game, Fleener could be the most pleasant surprise of the season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are for too long at the bottom of the NFL. However, the young players are lifting the franchise from Florida. In order to be much better the offense must include tight end in the game. Austin Seferian-Jenkins has all the talent and build to be the best TE in the league, but in his first two seasons was not at his best, the reason are the injuries. Seferian-Jenkins played only 16 matches in his short NFL career. Now he’s ready for the new season in which has to find his place in the attack behind Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson.

NFL – AFC players to breakout this season (Part 1)

Every NFL season there are players that come from background and make a big difference on the field. What follows now is the presentation of those who can make a breakout in the AFC.

AFC East

For many years, AFC East has only one ruler, but now New England Patriots are facing big problems. In addition Tom Brady’s suspension, top two wide receivers, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola is going to starting the season on the PUP list. This is bad news for the Pats, but they can get a new hero. Chris Hogan could use the fact that he will be high on the depth chart and make a big step forward in his career. Hogan, who is always open, came from Buffalo Bills this season.

New York Jets are the most likely candidates to overthrow the Patriots from the throne. Ryan Fitzpatrick is back, and the addition of Matt Forte should help offense to be lethal. However, the Jets were never about offense, so the player who could make a big difference from the background is Leonard Williams. Defensive end did not have a great rookie season, but this year he could explode in a very dynamic Green Gang defense.

Miami Dolphins has two young wide receivers and they are counting on them to bring them back on the glory road. Jarvis Landry drew attention to himself last season. In preparation for the game against Dolphins teams will have to find a way to stop Landry. This will leave a lot of space on for other receivers. DeVante Parker could use this space and become a true star. Parker has the talent, but he must be constant in his game.

Buffalo Bills are hoping that he defense will lead them to of the playoffs. However, a fantastic defensive line is not sufficient. Bills are hoping that Ronald Darby will have a fantastic season. One of the young defensive backs play decent last season and now he should be a difference maker playing beside Stephane Gilmore.

AFC South

AFC South is the division that can bring many surprises. Last season, Houston Texans have won the South and reach the playoffs. It will not be easy for Texans to repeat the success from the last season. To reach the new divisional titles, Jadeveon Clowney will have to play at a very high level. Talented linebacker is finally healthy and ready to play. Clowney could use that will focus on the opponent’s offensive line will be to stop JJ Watt and make a real boom this season.

Indianapolis Colts want to return to the top. In order to do that Colts offense will have to play much better than last season, when the only real threat to the opponents was TY Hilton. Donte Moncrief is entering his third NFL season and he could be another big treat for the opposing defenses. This wide receiver is very talented, and the departure of Coby Fleener and Andre Johnson opens space for Moncrief to have the best season of his young career.

Tennessee Titans got the young leader in Markus Mariota. However, talented quarterback cannot do all by himself. It is expected that DeMarco Murray will a key figure in the running game, in the air Dorial Green-Beckham should be the man. Green-Beckham gave us preview of his talent last season, but as many young players, he plays with a lot of oscillations. This season, Mariota and Green-Beckham could become the most dynamic duo in the league.

Jacksonville Jaguars are working a lot to become relevant in the league. Franchise from Florida has made some very good moves this preseason. Jaguars are a combination of youth and experience, and that last year that led to Alan Hurns and Alan Robinson breakout. Now, it is on TJ Yeldon to become a star. It will not be easy for young running back to get a carries, especially near the end zone with Chris Ivory on the roster. Good news for TJ Yeldon is that he is much better at catching balls from backfield. Hurns, Robinson and Thomas should spread the opponent, which will make big space for Yeldon who can become the most pleasant surprise of the season.